Customizable platform for accountable and accurate forecasting.
Clientell's forecasting AI allows you to collaborate with your teams and choose the deals that you want to include. Take forecast calls on Clientell's platform based on real-time data and not messy spreadsheets.
Scientific forecasting to prevent revenue leakage
Predictable revenue is what you need to drive your organizational strategy. A scientific method that adapts to your sales process and contextualizes the activity and deal progression data. Take critical data-backed decisions from one unified forecast command center
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Customizable, non-rigid sales forecasting
Adopt and configure a highly customizable process that supplements your existing cadences and sales process. Leverage the transparency gained from having control over your growth trajectory, to be realistic about the scenarios that will play out in the future, especially during unpredictable economic scenarios.
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Intuitive and automated rollups
Ridiculously easy to submit accurate forecasts that automatically roll up across the entire organization. Managers can override their reps' calls, and at each level of hierarchy, VPs, and CROs can collaborate in the submission process to align all the teams for one goal: revenue!
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Real-time data with history tracking
Use a single source of forecasting truth that has real-time data based on leading indicators of revenue health. Stay aware of the changes in the commit numbers and track the source code with zero turn-around time.
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Forecasting AI that talks to you
Clientell's forecasting AI sends you reminders to submit your numbers at the cadence you set. Get deeply contextual insights on your submissions and the AI projection that gives you the reasons why the numbers are the way they are.
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Pacing towards your targets
Keep track of your pipeline gap to quota and the coverage required to meet it. Track the pulse of your pipeline and always be aware of the week-over-week pace toward your quarterly and annual targets, for individuals, managers, and the organization as a whole.
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Understand your Forecast Risk and Pipeline Leakage
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