Intelligent sales that is simple, scalable, and recurring revenue generator.
Move away from black-box sales with critical AI captured insights that align teams and drive accurate forecasts that deliver revenue targets consistently.
Customizable, non-rigid sales forecasting
Adopt and configure a highly customizable process that supplements your existing cadences and sales process. Leverage the transparency gained from having control over your growth trajectory, to be realistic about the scenarios that will play out in the future, especially during unpredictable economic scenarios. Clientell's forecasting AI allows you to collaborate with your teams and choose the deals that you want to include.
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Intelligence and nudges for guided selling
Get a 360-degree view of each deal in your pipeline: the engagement frequency, sentiment, buying intent, and risk indicators are all captured from reps' inboxes and applications. Get a nudge every time a deal is slipping. Use the intelligence to make intuitive decisions to prioritize resources and focus on deals that matter.
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Assign actions with crucial AI-driven insights
Clientell's AI learns continuously about the behavior of each rep and profiles deal-critical insights on buyer-seller relationships like sentiment, topics discussed, pricing, or questions raised. Use it to quickly identify gaps that require effective coaching and train your reps with real-life scenarios, effectively replicating successful conversions.
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Pipeline risk tracking and mitigation
Be sensitive to any changes in the pipeline risk and have a clear pulse on the trends. Benchmark change against history, with widgets like nth-day analysis and time series visualizations. Identify the momentum of your revenue potential and make course corrections to pace yourself towards your targets. Be prepared by generating enough pipeline coverage for future quarters, ensuring sales linearity.
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Rep's Personal AI Sales Assistant
Clientell's Tracktable allows reps to quickly pull up a Chrome tab and jot down meeting notes, push bulk updates, and sync them with CRM. No chasing down reps to ensure data hygiene; no managing multiple tools or tabs. A flexible solution that sits between your sales tech stack and allows you to share views across teams adapts to your sales rhythm while requiring no changes to your existing systems or sales processes.
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Choose the KPIs specific to your business and make custom dashboards
The diversity of usage is only limited by your imagination. As managers view their reps' metrics, reps' view their deal metrics and progression, and VPs their forecast metrics and sales KPIs. Each business is unique and has its own set of challenges and decisions. Templatized dashboards and standardized KPIs fail when you build your own Dashboards that have KPIs that you want to track every day that are customized to suit your needs.
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Understand your Forecast Risk and Pipeline Leakage
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