Monitor leading indicator based real-time changes in a deal
With a 360-degree view of deal progression and health, get the complete picture of the turning points of a deal and take prescriptive actions.
Deal and rep level pipeline granularity for GTM execution
Get granular insights on a deal and its contribution to the revenue milestones. Get much more than just risk scores; know the reasons behind them, like activity intelligence, progression insights, engagement sentiment, buying signals, and propensity to convert. Each factor comes with a plausible solution, thus surgically altering the fate of your outreach efforts and strategic ABM decisions.
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Pipeline change tracking and pacing correction
Be sensitive to any changes in the pipeline and have a clear pulse on the trends. Benchmark change against history, with widgets like nth-day analysis and time series visualizations. Identify the momentum of your revenue potential and make course corrections to pace yourself towards your targets. Be prepared by generating enough pipeline coverage for future quarters, ensuring sales linearity.
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Get causation analysis and take corrective actions
Untangle the complexity of your pipeline by getting to the root cause of failures. Analyze the recurring causes of deal slippage and take premptive actions to maintain revenue cycle health. Ensure data-backed consistency in your deal flow.
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Quantifiable risk that is actionable
Get much more than just a black-box Risk score, get behind the reasons why? Each deal is unique, and so is the rep on it. Get deeply contextual risk factors that speak conversion steps.
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Complex buying scenarios need flawless execution
With awareness of the real status of a deal and key insights into the buyer persona, relationship, sentiment, activity, and other conversion signals. Execute with the help of your team with precision and lead the revenue story of your organization.
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Understand your Forecast Risk and Pipeline Leakage
with a free, no commitment, data protected pipeline assesment
Geometry 1Get Forecast Risk benchmarked across companies
Geometry 2Get Pipeline Leakage Assessment
Geometry 3Instant Report within 5 minutes
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