Dealing with CRM made ridiculously easy. The revenue automation workspace that your team deserves.
No logins; no wait time; no complexity. Just open a new Chrome tab and start interacting with your CRM, 2-way syncs, and spreadsheet-like experience at your fingertips.
Productivity on steroids
Save your team 8-10 hours of manual work per week. Seamless interaction with CRM without the wait time and automation that ensure reps' minds are invested in selling and not laborious admin tasks. Revenue is a direct result of how efficiently your team delivers on targets.
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Resolve complexity in your sales pipeline
Your pipeline needs nurturing and personal attention for each and every deal. This needs CRM hygiene, fewer clicks, and more data this is what tracktable facilitates. Resolving the messy interactions with your CRM by ensuring automation of data ingestion, seamless updating experience, keyboard shortcuts, and accessibility to all features and pages in your chrome tab.
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Reduce dependency on Admins and Sales Ops
With a simplified and intuitive UI, explore your CRM, transform existing pipelines, collaborate with your team, and establish custom sales processes like MEDDIC, MEDDPICC, etc. into your existing workflows without involving the admin or sales operations. Accessibility into the pulse of your organization and a tool that adapts to your revenue context.
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Rep's Personal Sales Assistant
Tracktable allows reps to quickly pull up a Chrome tab and jot down meeting notes, push bulk updates, and sync them with CRM. No chasing down reps to ensure data hygiene; no managing multiple tools or tabs, just one stop for your revenue-generating and management teams. Sales process adherence, To-Dos, Next Steps, deal progression - update visibility couldn't be made easier than this.
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Adapts to your sales rhythm
Flexible solution that allows you to share views across teams, and adapts to your sales rhythm without any alteration to your existing systems and sales processes. Forget about buying and managing multiple tools without ever drawing any real value from them. Get a cross-functional tool that sits in between your revenue tech stack and teams to provide a single source of truth accessible on your fingertips.
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Understand your Forecast Risk and Pipeline Leakage
with a free, no commitment, data protected pipeline assesment
Geometry 1Get Forecast Risk benchmarked across companies
Geometry 2Get Pipeline Leakage Assessment
Geometry 3Instant Report within 5 minutes
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