Choose the KPIs specific to your business and make custom dashboards
Each business is unique and has its own set of challenges and decisions. Templatized dashboards and standard KPIs fail when you build your own dashboards with KPIs that you want to track every day.
Dynamic dashboarding with zero TAT
RevOps BI with Clientell's dynamic dashboards gets all your revenue questions answered with a very low turn-around time. Forget about waiting for too long for your data and BI teams to respond. It evolves as the situation and data change, always keeping you updated with the real-time situation for your decision-making.
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Customizable to the last digit
Fixed and tailored analytics only serve to harm and distort your revenue picture. With hands-on functionality as a decision-maker, you can create custom metrics to track, and insert them in custom dashboards. Share them internally or with specific users. Share specific points of view and strategies, all of which are reversible and editable at your leisure.
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Mission control for all revenue functions and stakeholders
The diversity of usage is only limited by your imagination. VPs see their forecast metrics and sales KPIs as managers view their reps' metrics, reps' deals' metrics, and reps' progression. Marketing has its lead and contact indicators; customer success has its deal metrics and renewal revenue indicators. And revenue teams gain visibility into and control over the changing contexts of their revenue cycle.
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Reports and analytics that give actionable campaign insights
Get weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that review your business's progress against the industrial macro environment. Stay up to date with the pinpointed corrections that you need to make. Get crucial insights on your competitors' advancements and other analytics on how the market is shaping the choices of your customers.
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Revenue leader's compass to the forecast curve
Productive teams need the effective execution of a clear vision by the decision-makers. This is facilitated by quantifying progress with time-series metrics, performance insights, changes that impact other deals, coaching nudges, gaps in pipeline factors, and forecast parameters based on leading indicators, activity, and behavioral data, among others. Get a visual representation of the ones you need without getting overwhelmed, and focus on insights that drive strategic decisions and objective accomplishment.
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Understand your Forecast Risk and Pipeline Leakage
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