Leverage automation and analytics for full-funnel visibility
Mine lost contacts, have a single source of truth for campaign management, and automate CRM interactions.
Reports and analytics that give actionable campaign insights
Get weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that review your business's progress against the industrial macro environment. Stay up to date with the pinpointed corrections that you need to make. Get crucial insights on your competitors' advancements and other analytics on how the market is shaping the choices of your customers. Get crucial campaign intelligence and strategize GTM and outreach accordingly.
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Automated Activity Capture that translates to revenue answers
With dispersed teams and applications, data is all over the place. Clientell sits between your tech stack and records valuable intelligence. Recover up to to two years worth of contacts from your executives' and reps' inboxes.
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Mission control for all revenue functions and stakeholders
The diversity of usage is only limited by your imagination. VPs see their forecast metrics and sales KPIs as managers view their reps' metrics, reps' deals' metrics, and reps' progression. Marketing has its lead and contact indicators; customer success has its deal metrics and renewal revenue indicators. And revenue teams gain visibility into and control over the changing contexts of their revenue cycle.
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LinkedIn native lead management
Combined with Clientell's LinkedIn plugin and Sales Navigator, push crucial lead data directly to your CRM. No need to manage multiple tabs; with just a couple clicks, add leads to CRM, update their fields, enrich the contact data: all of this without ever leaving LinkedIn. Leverage the power of automation to save your executives hours of manual work.
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Deal and rep level pipeline granularity for GTM execution
Get granular insights on a deal and its contribution to the revenue milestones. Get much more than just risk scores; know the reasons behind them, like activity intelligence, progression insights, engagement sentiment, buying signals, and propensity to convert. Each factor comes with a plausible solution, thus surgically altering the fate of your outreach efforts and strategic ABM decisions.
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Understand your Forecast Risk and Pipeline Leakage
with a free, no commitment, data protected pipeline assesment
Geometry 1Get Forecast Risk benchmarked across companies
Geometry 2Get Pipeline Leakage Assessment
Geometry 3Instant Report within 5 minutes
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