Choose customizability, accuracy and ease of usage over Clari’s rigidity and obsolete forecasting process.
A Revops platform that easily integrates into your existing workflow while being customisable enough to cater to your fast growing and complex needs. Choose Clientell, choose clarity!
Data and Accuracy
Accordian image
Clari inaccurately matches opportunities and contacts, non-verifiable. Clientell’s AI powered contact and activity data ingestion and Chrome plugins ensure supercharged CRMs boosting GTM execution
Rigid Platform
Low Frontline Adoption
Intuition vs data driven
Partnership and Innovation
Customisable and easy to use forecasting that adapts your sales methodology
Setup manual and AI forecast based on your cadence, forecasting methodology and team structure.
Intuitive workflow that deeply integrates within the Sales Process to provide insights right when you need them
Build your own custom triggers and alerts in Slack/Teams to intervene in real time and impact deal outcomes
Transparent analysis of the team’s activities to promote accountability and performance
Reward action over outcomes and build a culture of collaborative coaching by identifying the best rep practices and shortcomings
Built keeping the front line AEs and reps in mind
Actionable insights, timely triggers with the easiest way of filling up salesforce to stay on top of every opportunity
Clientell Vs Clari
Unlock your Revenue Potential
Unlock faster sales and more predictable revenue with the Clientell Sales Execution Platform, powered by AI-driven insights.