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Pixis Accelerates pipeline with Clientell

Saahil Dhaka
Saahil Dhaka,CEO at Clientell
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About Pixis:

Pixis is a California-based technology company that provides codeless AI infrastructure to enable customers to scale accurate data-driven marketing. To put it simply, let’s take an example; say a company runs a campaign of Facebook ads.

Pixis’s codeless infrastructure for marketing helps Establish a powerful AI blueprint to make marketing effortlessly intelligent, agile, and scalable. Pixis has raised over $100Mn in funding from marquee investors and helped brands save millions of dollars in marketing spending.

With continuous use of Clientell’s tools, Tracktable, and the Revenue Intelligence Platform, they’ve been able to grow their pipeline and accelerate conversions. Let's explore how:

Pipeline Growth

The data entry and capture process for Pixis is simplified through Tracktable and Clientell’s revenue Intelligence Platform’s AI.

The latter extracts data from various sources of the person in charge of the deal(inbox, calendar, other integrated third-party sources). The former incentivizes data entry, being a chrome plugin that is easy to use as a spreadsheet and simplifies data entry as a 2-3 step process, unlike Salesforce.

This coupled with better forecasting, makes the revenue process streamlined and much more efficient. With this being the case, sales reps and AEs have more time on them, to focus on the job they’ve been hired for, and which they’re best at: selling.

With more time to reach out and sell, the pipeline grows and more deals get added. A great win for Pixis!

Pipeline Acceleration

With the use of Clientell, Pixis has been able to accelerate its pipeline co. This is owing to the transparency, visibility, and forecasting accuracy bettered by the Clientell Revenue Intelligence Platform.

Everyone in the revenue, sales, marketing, and customer success teams knows exactly where which deal stands, and at what stage. Any edit reflects throughout and changes can be made as soon as possible.

Moreover, Clientell’s bottom-up process allows the entire sales team to align on the exact numbers without having to maintain multiple sheets. This combined with Clientell’s engagement and forecast risk metrics across every opportunity allows transparent conversations between managers and reps.

This, therefore, increases conversion, and helps teams to be more inclusive and accountable to their numbers!

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