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Clientell's AI adds robustness to Pixis forecasts

Saahil Dhaka
Saahil Dhaka,CEO at Clientell
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About Pixis

Pixis is a California-based technology company that provides codeless AI infrastructure to enable customers to scale accurate data-driven marketing.

Pixis’ codeless infrastructure for marketing helps Establish a powerful AI blueprint to make marketing effortlessly intelligent, agile, and scalable. Pixis has raised over $100Mn in funding from marquee investors and helped brands save millions of dollars in marketing spend.

Requirement for accurate forecasting

As a fast-growing startup, with clients’ interests pouring in from time to time, it’s important for Pixis to know what’s happening with each and every opportunity accurately. They recently raised a whopping $100 million in Series C, and there’s no room for error while scaling.

However, due to poor data hygiene (sales reps and AEs not entering data correctly and on time), a tacky salesforce experience, and complicated Salesforce features, forecasting was always on a backseat.

“It’s around the time of our Series B that we thought we need something to sort this out. I had heard about Clientell sometime prior, and decided to give it a shot”

Pixis’ priorities were clear

  • Improve data hygiene, so that forecasting can be accurate
  • Get easy to visualize and understand forecasts which don’t waste time for reps or higher management
  • Generate more revenue and grow more. The sky was the limit

And this is exactly what they achieved. Let us see how:

Improving Data Hygiene

With the use of Clientell’s two primary tools, Tracktable and Clientell’s Data Resolution AI, Pixis streamlines, collates and uses data efficiently.

With the chrome plugin Tracktable, data entry is incentivized. Every time a sales rep opens their chrome, the Tracktable sheet appears, easy as a spreadsheet to fill.

Instead of having multiple steps and a slow speed like the salesforce dashboard and pages, tracktable has a maximum of 2-3 steps to enter data. The changes made in Tracktable are immediately reflected in Salesforce and vice versa.

The Clientell revenue intelligence platform, through its powerful AI, extracts data from various sources as notes entered in the CRM, calendar, inboxes, conversation intelligence software if any, and other third-party data sources. This makes the manual entry work further reduced, and data collection efficient.

Getting understandable, visualisable and trustable forecasts

With data hygiene in place, the Clientell revenue intelligence platform provides a scientific and intuitive process for Pixis to achieve accurate forecasts

To begin with, Clientell provides an AI-based projection against stage conversion benchmarks. With this feature, historical data can be juxtaposed for a certain stage of a deal, to understand what was and what is, and act accordingly.

Next, Pixis uses week-over-week pacing towards targets, to understand how their reps are doing and at what rate their pipeline is moving. This helps them have flexible targets, which change in real time and forecasts can therefore be accurately concluded depending on these changes

Nth day analysis of the pipeline helps Pixis compare how it is today with respect to the same day in any previous quarter. This helps them take decisions accordingly to stay in sync with their targets and play around if necessary. It also helps understands the return on investments made into sales and marketing efforts.

The metrics of pipeline gap and coverage help Pixis gauge their pipeline the best. Through pipeline coverage, they know by what factor their current pipeline is ahead of their target(i.e, deals to convert). Through pipeline gap, they know how far behind they are of the desired pipeline required to meet their target as per their given history (or industry standards if a sizeable history of pipeline experience doesnt exist)

These features help Pixis achieve a Forecast efficiency of roughly 95%, which we at Clientell wear a proud badge of!

Generate greater revenue for greater growth

Clientell sits on top of Salesforce at Pixis and simplifies processes greatly.

The data entry and capture process is simplified. Forecasting is visualizable and easily understandable. This makes the revenue process much easier and streamlined.

With this simplification brought about through Clientell, the team can leverage customizable bottom-up forecasts and compare against AI-generated insights to bring alignment within marketing, sales, and customer success efforts.

The members of all aforementioned teams now have more time and actionable data to tackle their jobs better. This results in greater revenue targets and achievements for Pixis.

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