AI-guided sales playbooks that identify gaps and optimise your sales process
Get contextual answers with real-time monitoring of your sales pipeline. Analyze activity and deal intelligence drawn across applications to spot and dynamically fix failures in sales strategy execution.
Get causation analysis and take corrective actions
Untangle the complexity of your pipeline by getting to the root cause of failures. Analyze the recurring causes of deal slippage and take premptive actions to maintain revenue cycle health. Ensure data-backed consistency in your deal flow.
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Promote visibility and accountability
Once all the stakeholders in a deal are on the same channel, any updates or fluctuations in pipeline velocity or sentiment are absolutely clear. Once visibility is obtained, the team aligns itself toward rectifying the gaps and leakages in revenue, promoting accountability in execution.
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Reports and analytics that give actionable campaign insights
Get weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that review your business's progress against the industrial macro environment. Stay up to date with the pinpointed corrections that you need to make. Get crucial insights on your competitors' advancements and other analytics on how the market is shaping the choices of your customers. Get crucial campaign intelligence and strategize GTM and outreach accordingly.
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Ridiculously easy-to-use command center for sales readiness
Clean and intuitive UI that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows. It's easy to set up triggers, next best steps, warnings, and automations. Save precious selling time spent on onboarding by enabling your sales reps with leading indicator-based insights. Prepare your reps with sales process-specific guidance and playbook-recommended deal execution skills, with minimal involvement.
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Complex buying scenarios need flawless execution
With awareness of the real status of a deal and key insights into the buyer persona, relationship, sentiment, activity, and other conversion signals. Execute with the help of your team with precision and lead the revenue story of your organization.
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Understand your Forecast Risk and Pipeline Leakage
with a free, no commitment, data protected pipeline assesment
Geometry 1Get Forecast Risk benchmarked across companies
Geometry 2Get Pipeline Leakage Assessment
Geometry 3Instant Report within 5 minutes
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