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Case Study

How Clientell's RevOps as a Service transformed Revenue generation and growth.

Aryan Trip
Aryan Trip,RevOps Mechanic Clientell
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The Brief

One of the largest Marketing Technology Proficorns faced difficulty navigating the scaling complexity due to misaligned teams and a lack of transparency in their processes and tech stack. The company emphasized transforming into a data-driven organization, focusing on enhancing how it measures and forecasts sales. Previously working with Salesforce vendors, The management recognized the missed strategic opportunities in defining prospect lifecycles for predictive analytics. As the organization accelerated its growth, the Head of Revenue Operations was challenged with scaling its CRM system to align with the increased complexity of its go-to-market strategy. With hundreds of employees providing real-time data and compensation management workflows to its customers. The Proficorn expanded its CRM investment by adding more customisations along with more extensive flows, while also integrating new team members into the system.

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Key Challenges

CRM Administration

  1. Hubspot was unable to handle the complex and varying requirements of the scaling teams.
  2. Migrating from Hubspot to Salesforce the target CRM- Customizability and Support Needs.

Data Management

  1. Non-holistic data strategies lead to white spaces, duplication, gaps in critical fields, and ownership transfer issues leading to unclear revenue attribution.
  2. Distributed data across the sales and marketing tech stack (Salesforce, Zoominfo, Outreach, and Hubspot) and the resultant lack of a single source of Truth for analytics.

Process Compliance

  1. Poorly defined prospect lifecycle stages and validation criteria leading to revenue loss.
  2. Lack of detailed analysis for accurate demand, resource planning, and sales forecasting.

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The Process

Our Approach

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The Solution

Our Solution Unpacked: A Seamless Migration to Salesforce with Clientell

Clientell's premium package offers an unparalleled solution for a seamless transition to Salesforce CRM, tailored specifically for our high-value customers. Our dedicated engineering team meticulously analyzed the migration scope, complexities, and essential data management strategies to ensure a flawless setup.

Pre-Migration Precision: Before diving into the migration, we fully integrated the client's tech stack into Clientell’s RevOps platform, conducted thorough data cleansing, and performed white-space analysis to ensure data integrity. Our approach to data—tagging duplicates and removing outliers—sets the stage for a smooth migration.

Effortless Migration: In collaboration with the company's internal team, our migration experts flawlessly transitioned all data and policies from HubSpot to Salesforce, achieving a seamless migration without interrupting the sales process. This allowed the Sales and Marketing teams to maintain operational continuity in their new CRM environment.

Customization for Growth: Post-migration, Clientell's RevOps experts crafted bespoke processes and workflows within Salesforce, aligning with the company's ambitious scaling plans and intricate go-tomarket strategy. A customized Revenue Growth Model was developed to harness data-driven insights for enhanced demand forecasting and sales planning, benefiting all teams.

Empowering Teams with Tailored Playbooks: We launched specific playbooks for sales and marketing, guiding teams through the newly established customer journey strategies, facilitated by Clientell's revamped tech stack and workflows. This ensured uniform adoption of the strategies across teams.

Dedicated Support and Continuous Improvement: Our premium service included a dedicated CRM Administrator and a RevOps Manager to oversee workflow modifications and provide comprehensive training on new CRM functionalities. We also offered ongoing support from a RevOps specialist to ensure smooth onboarding for new hires and continual skill development.

Revolutionized Operations with Clientell: Leveraging our platform, the customer gained deep insights for strategic forecasting across various dimensions. With Workflow Alerts integrated into Slack, teams stayed informed about crucial deal updates and compliance with sales processes, directly updating CRM fields from Slack or Email to save time.

Strategic Focus and Enhanced ROI: This strategic overhaul shifted focus towards initiatives that spiked qualified leads and conversion rates, with a data-driven methodology amplifying campaign targeting and personalization, significantly boosting ROI.

Dynamic Dashboarding for Informed Decisions: Our dynamic dashboard feature enabled decisionmakers to receive regular updates, providing a comprehensive overview of business operations and facilitating scenario simulations for better market preparedness.

The Results

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