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Salesforce Consulting Partners: How to Find 'The One'?

Salesforce Consulting Partners: How to Find 'The One'?

Saahil Dhaka

May 27, 2024


8 mins


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Finding the perfect Salesforce consulting partner is like the odds of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S crew winning the lottery. “I mean you have a better chance of being struck by lightning 42 times” than finding “The Right One” for you.

With a sea of vague advice and generic steps floating around, it’s easy to feel lost. But let's be real, if Ross can get married and divorced three times, you can find "The One" Salesforce consulting partner to marry your business with its CRM dreams.

So we’re here to cut through the noise and give you the straightforward questions you need to find your perfect Salesforce consulting partner.

Before diving into the search, let's address why you might need a Salesforce consulting partner.

Here are some common reasons:

  • Lack of In-House Expertise: You don’t have enough Salesforce experts on your team.

  • Quick Salesforce Implementation: You need swift improvements and visible results.

  • Staying Current: You want to keep up with the latest Salesforce trends and features.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, welcome to the club! Almost 70% of Salesforce projects are now handled by Salesforce consulting partners.

But why is it so crucial to choose the best one from thousands of options?

The right consultant doesn’t just offer solutions—they become a true partner in your business, helping in:

How do you find “THE ONE” in a sea of thousands of Salesforce consulting partners? Here’s your step-by-step guide:

Steps to Finding “The One”

1. Evaluate Your Business Goals

Start by asking yourself: What do I want Salesforce to do for my business? Increase sales efficiency? Improve customer service? Clean up data? Streamline processes? Here are some symptom questions to help you figure it out:

  • Pain Points: What specific problems are you facing?

  • Impact: Who is affected by these issues and how?

  • Business Effect: How are these issues impacting your business?

  • Resolution Benefits: How will things improve once these issues are resolved?

  • Broader Goals: Consider your broader business objectives for the next year. Planning to grow? Need to integrate with other systems?

Step 2: Identify the Gaps

Next up, take a good hard look at your business processes and team dynamics. Are there any glaring gaps or bottlenecks holding you back? Here are some common gaps:

  • Data Entry Overload: The sales team spends more time entering data than selling.

  • Scattered Information: Customer info is scattered across systems.

  • Lead Management: Leads are slipping through the cracks.

  • Poor Integration: CRM doesn’t integrate well with other tools.

  • Sales Forecasting: Forecasting feels more like guesswork.

  • Manual Approvals: Slowing down sales cycles.

  • Misaligned Marketing: Inconsistent messaging between marketing and sales.

  • Lack of Customization: CRM isn’t tailored to your business needs.

  • Manual Data Compilation: Time-consuming and error-prone.

Sound familiar? Then you’ve pinpointed your gaps.

Step 3. Verification of Salesforce Consulting Partner

Now that you know what you need, it’s time to grill a potential Salesforce Consulting Partner.

Ask them the right questions to ensure they’re not just smooth talkers but genuine experts

Question 1What strategies do you employ to enhance sales efficiency through Salesforce?

Follow upCan you provide case studies where your interventions have led to significant improvements in sales efficiency?

Question 2How can Salesforce be used to enhance our customer service processes?

Follow up What features do you recommend implementing to improve customer interactions and support?

Question 3What data management and cleansing processes do you implement to ensure data quality?

Follow upHow do you maintain data integrity and accuracy over time?

Question 4How can Salesforce streamline our current business processes?

Follow upWhat specific tools and features do you recommend to eliminate inefficiencies?

Make sure to cover these critical areas to outwit them with detailed questions:

Question 1How can your solution reduce the time our sales team spends on data entry?

Follow UpCan you provide examples of how you've automated data entry for other clients?

Question 2How will you ensure seamless integration of our disparate systems to provide a unified customer view?

Follow UpCan you show us case studies where you've successfully integrated multiple data sources?

Question 3What lead management strategies do you recommend to ensure timely follow-ups?

Follow upHow do you implement automation for lead assignments and follow-up reminders?

Question 4What experience do you have in integrating Salesforce with other essential business tools?

Follow UpCan you provide examples of past integrations and their outcomes?

Question 5How will your solution improve our sales forecasting accuracy?

Follow upWhat kind of reporting and analytics tools do you implement to support data-driven decision-making?

Question 6How can you automate our approval processes to speed up the sales cycle?

Follow Up What workflow automation tools do you use, and can you give examples of how they've benefited other clients?

Question 7How will you ensure alignment between our marketing and sales efforts?

Follow Up Can you demonstrate how you've integrated marketing automation with Salesforce for other clients?

Question 8 What level of customization can you provide to tailor Salesforce to our specific requirements?

Follow Up Can you share examples of custom solutions you've developed for other businesses?

Question 9 How will your solution automate data compilation and analysis to reduce errors and save time?

Follow up What kind of data analytics tools do you integrate with Salesforce to provide real-time insights?

Ensure the Salesforce Consulting Partner is the right fit with these crucial questions:

Question 1How do you tailor your approach to meet the unique needs of businesses in our industry?

Follow Up Can you provide references or testimonials from clients in similar industries?

Question 2What ongoing support and training do you offer post-salesforce implementation?

Follow upHow do you ensure that our team will be able to fully utilize Salesforce after the initial setup?

Question 3How do you handle change management during the Salesforce implementation process?

Follow upWhat strategies do you use to ensure smooth adoption and minimal disruption to our daily operations?

So to sum up, choosing the right Salesforce consulting partner is like trying to find a soulmate on a dating app—you swipe left on a lot of duds before finding “The One.”

You need a Salesforce consulting partner if your in-house expertise is as rare as a unicorn, you want results faster than your last Netflix binge, and you need to stay ahead of Salesforce’s latest features. A stellar consultant will help you hit your goals at warp speed, avoid salesforce implementation disasters, save money, lighten your team’s load, and provide ongoing support.

First, figure out what you want Salesforce to do for you—better sales efficiency, improved customer service, cleaner data, or streamlined processes. Identify where your current setup is falling short. Is your team bogged down with data entry? Are leads slipping through the cracks? Is your CRM playing nice with other tools?

Next, verify the potential Salesforce Consulting Partner. Can they enhance sales efficiency? Improve customer service? Ensure data quality? Streamline processes? Dive deep with questions about reducing data entry time, ensuring seamless integration, and managing leads. Make sure they fit your needs by checking their tailored approach, ongoing support, and how they handle change management.

At Clientele, we’re not just Salesforce Consulting Partners; we’re your Salesforce soulmates. We listen to your pain points and deliver solutions that make a real difference. We’ve helped clients increase forecast accuracy by 95%, boost pipeline velocity by 10%, improve rep booking by 17%, enhance sales conversion rates by 1.8x, and save 20 hours per week.

Ready to swipe right on us? Let’s connect and make your Salesforce experience the powerhouse it’s meant to be!

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