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Build your startup without code

Neil Sarkar,
3 mins read
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Whether you are a developer or not, making a prototype from ground up requires a lot of work and hours of coding. Luckily with the recent rise of no code platforms, making your own company as become ridiculously easy. The following No code options should help you build you own website, mobile app or even an AI model, all without writing code.


Bubble makes your life easier by helping you make applications that look good and are easily deployable. Of the bat you start building your own application with multiple features.

The drag and drop approach is easy to learn with a good hold on the output. Although in its looks it is very much similar to the website builders we’ve got used to, it is a lot more advanced. Thus making it’s apparent simplicity it’s best feature, preprocessing most of your needs.

An amazing template library and a low cost option, this should definitely be your first go



Glide solves the issue of databases for no code mobile apps in the easiest way possible by building on an existing widely available solution, Google Sheets. Although mights not be very useful for complex applications since using google sheets come with their own set of limitations, however an easy to use interface with a build time of nearly 5 minutes definitely make glide the best choice for your first development.

Predicting the future of No Code, Glide is definitely going to be a major player in the community. The best of all, it is free to use for the basic features.



Clientell allows you to deploy advanced ML models across your data to predict their future outcomes, across nearly any metric. It is like giving you the power to predict the future, all within 5 clicks and a few minutes.

Marketing teams have the power of machine learning to predict churn, customer value, cross sell propensity, etc.

At the same time Banks and financial institutions can predict credit risk, credit card churn, investment risk, etc. Due to its sector agnostic engineering, insurers can use clientell to determine their own metrics like subrogation opportunities, etc. Thus making sure that you can make high quality predictions even if you just searched on google, What is machine learning?



Making a good high quality website is tough work. Moreover you need to make sure your website is responsive and test it across browsers. Make flow makes all of this a lot easier in its simple no code format. The possibilities are endless and it even accommodates your Figma designs to build out a website that looks exactly the same.

Thus making aggregating data and building out an easy interface cost efficient solution in minutes.


Bug Reporting

Any startup is incomplete without quality testing from clients and QA. You never want to ship a product that doesn’t give the experience that is expected out of it.

In addition to collecting important Bug information from Clients, bug flow sets up an interesting asynchronous engine that lets your project managers remember and handle the bugs in an efficient manner. This coupled with their screen recording feature like hot jar allows you to see in real time the kind of issues clients face while using your product.


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